Steps You Must Take Before Selling Your Junk Car

There are three types of people who actively buy junk cars. The first are collectors, the second are restorers, and the third are part hunters. Collectors look for specific makes and models they can buy cheap and restore. Restorers look for those same makes and models to use for parts. Part hunters are usually motorists looking to cheapen up a necessary repair on their current auto. In any case, these individuals can bring surprising value to unkempt or derelict cars currently taking up space outside your home. This is why an important step on the presale checklist for a junk auto is to look for value. If you determine that your old auto actually bears some worth you can scrap it or sell it outright for profit. This is not the only thing you should do before ridding yourself of that rusted old eyesore. Here are the key things any owner should do before selling their junk car.

Clear Any Personal Belongings

If you keep a pristine and clean auto this step is probably not needed. For many motorists, however, their auto becomes a catch all for personal belongings. Over time they an accumulate quite a lot in the truck, back seat, front seat, and floors. There may be stuff you forgot you even had waiting to be rediscovered like precious gems in a mine. Regardless, the first thing you need to do when selling a junk car is clear it out. Remember, you are asking people to buy my junk car Colorado Springs CO, not buy my junk. A cluttered automobile can hurt the final transaction for the vehicle. It can reduce the price or void the sale entirely. Clearing the auto out not only protects the sale but can even boosts the price.

Get the Title

Locating the title for your auto is a very important step to take in presale. There are liabilities and even fines associated to selling an auto without a title. Even if the car does not run you still have to formally transfer ownership and the fastest way to do that is with your title. Your title is also a sign of validity for you and whoever you are selling to. Most credible places will not take your car unless you have the title.

Cancel Insurance, registration, and remove plates

Another important step to take is canceling your insurance on the vehicle. You need to either remove the auto from your current policy or terminate the policy altogether. You also need to go to the DMV and cancel your registration. The DMV will be able to tell you if there are any mandates concerning the sale of a junked car that you have to satisfy. Once you have accomplished these tasks remove the license plates from your vehicle.


The final step is to market the car. This is done after finding the value of your vehicle. Most junk autos fit into the standard category. This means they are destined for the salvage yard or a junkyard. Cars that actually have something of value are usually scrapped for that individual part. If you do have a rare car than you can market it for a good price. Either way you want to let people know what you have. Personal ads, for sale signs, and using the platform of the internet are the best ways to achieve saturation.