The Three Categories of Car Accessories to Smooth Your Ride

No matter if you are planning a road trip or a casual cruise around town auto accessories can enhance anyone’s driving experience. Some accessories are built for luxury while others satisfy practicality, but all of them aim to make your ride better. If you are looking to accessorize your automobile here are the three main categories to consider.

1. Luxury

Luxury accessories focus more on road trips than casual excursions but no matter the event they can smooth over any drive. Luxury accessories are built to pamper you. Generally, they fit into two genres: road trips and daily commutes.

Road Trips

Luxury accessories provide comfort with style. A great example is the rooftop hammock. This accessory mounts onto your roof bars and accommodates any size of hammock. It is a stylistic way to kick back at any destination. Other luxury accessories include rooftop tents, solar-powered road showers, and an armrest mini-fridge. Basically, you can convert your automobile into a high-tech personal rest stop and look good doing it.

Daily Commutes

Day-to-day luxury accessories are a little harder to find but worth it. A good example is an auto coffee maker. These cup-holder sized brewers utilize power from your cigarette lighter and can brew both ground and pod coffee. The device brews you a steaming cup while you drive taking away the need to stop at a local java house. A simple oldy-but-goody are finger-less driving gloves. They keep your hands warm, provide extra grip, and look very cool. Additional accessories include wireless chargers, sunglasses clips, and even a vehicle desk for executives on the go.


Many car accessories are designed to keep your vehicle running. Standard maintenance accessories include a jack, air pump, crowbar, spare tire, and of course jumper cables. Other useful accessories include a can of sealant, puncture kits, and air purifiers. Maintenance accessories can also cover cosmetics and help keep your vehicle pristine. Like a  rust inhibitor spray staves off rust damage on your car. Wax can keep the exterior polished. There are even sprays that clean tires to enhance their longevity.


Practical accessories simply make a drive more convenient. They also cover fundamental things that are smart to have when driving. They can range from simple things like back seat organizers to dash cameras. Many motorists spring for HUD systems or portable GPS. First-aid kits are a good thing to have on hand. Then there are special considerations like swivel trays that make eating in the car easier.

Practical accessories also adhere to safety. Radar detectors can prevent unwanted tickets. Escape tools can help you free yourself if your auto is damaged in an accident. Then there are things like smart drive assistants that track various data regarding your vehicle. They provide a better explanation for troublesome check engine lights, monitor your car’s overall performance, and provide a direct line to emergency services in the case of an emergency. Some motorists even go for breathalyzers to save them from DUI’s and dangerous driving.