Things To Know Before Replacing Your Tires

No matter what type of vehicle you drive you will inevitably need to purchase new tires at some point. Sometimes this can literally come out of the blue. You will be driving along the road and all of a sudden you have a flat. This is often due to a nail or other sharp object puncturing the tire and causing the air to leak out. In other cases your tire may have simply aged and become bald. If your tread wears to thin then driving on bald tires becomes a safety issue.

Can you prolong the life of your tires? This answer is no. Tires age and there is nothing you can do about it. If you do not drive much you may be able to get more time out of the tires but either way they will naturally erode away from friction against the road over time. You can make yourself aware and prepared for tire replacement. Every six months when you take your vehicle in to have the oil changed and another general maintenance performed you should have your tires inspected. Trained professionals should be able to tell you how your tires are doing. Tires can typically last anywhere from 3-6 years depending upon how much and how far you drive your vehicle. If the service technician notices your tires are beginning to wear thin then you can financially prepare for the cost of new tires. Setting a little money aside each pay check will give you just enough to have the tires replaced when the time comes.

As far as purchasing tires goes there are several options. You can contact a spinning wheel supplier or any wholesale tire replacement franchise. It is always best to call around to local tire shops and inquire about promotional sales or financing options. Sometimes tire replacement shops will offer a buy three get one free deal and other times they will offer their own brand of credit card with a low APR for approved customers that do not have cash on hand to pay for the new tires. You should always shop around before you buy anything to ensure that you receive the best price possible. You should also inquire about warranties on the tires and the installation.

Once you have scheduled the tire replacement for your automobile you should inquire how long the process will take. If the facility is not overly busy that day you may be able to simply wait in the waiting room. Typically it only takes about one to two hours for all four tires to be installed. If the facility is having a busy day they may prefer that you drop your car off and come back later in the afternoon to pick it up. You will want to arrange a ride home or to work in this incidence. Once your new tires are installed on your vehicle you will instantly notice how much smoother the ride is and how much better your grip on the road is.