What to Know About Car Washing and Detail

We all love our cars and want to make sure we take of them. It’s also imperative to keep your cars in tip top shape as it can help with re-sell values. A clean car looks good on the road and certainly makes us feel good. There are some things most don’t realize about car washes versus detailing, which can be two completely different things. Many of us opt to go through a car wash facility or even have a company take the time to re-detail our cars to make them shine. Here are some things to consider when thinking about going to a car wash or even getting your vehicle detailed.

Car wash

Most businesses will allow you to drive right up and stay in the car as it is getting washed. Some of these company are old school, but it certainly is fun to enjoy. On the other hand, you can drive up and get out of your car to leave it to the washers. Most car wash facilities do offer both detailing and a full car wash. A car wash will have huge brushes and streams of water that will take care of the overall auto. However, once it is done, there normally is staff on hand to wipe the car down to get rid of the excess water. For an extra fee, you can have them pay more attention to specific areas of your auto to make it really shine.

Auto Detail

Car detailing might seem exhausting, but when it’s done you will be very happy and proud you got the service. A professional detailer removes all of the hard dirt and dust that can make your car unattractive. They focus on areas of your car that you never gave a second thought about. This can involve waxing the paint or simply removing scratches from the coat entirely. Detailing can cost a lot more than a basic car wash and the results can be worth paying for. Interior car detailing will most likely focus on you upholstery where you can get a thorough cleaning of your seats, carpet and dashboard. This entails vacuuming and shampooing out all stains that make the inside of your car look worn down and unclean. You can get any car wash services midvale ut.


As mention, car washing and detailing can save your car’s value. When it comes to wanting to keep your car in tip top condition, the sole purpose is to really protect it from the many weather conditions it can endure. Protecting your car’s interior and exterior makes your car last and gives you the option of getting the highest price for your car. Insurance companies will possible give you a break on premiums since your car is in such great shape. Consider washing and detailing your car at least once a month as it will be important when looking to trade it for another car down the road. Take the time to evaluate your options when it comes to getting a detail or car wash also.